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How and when will I receive my financial aid?

Receiving Your Financial Aid

All disbursements require an accepted award on file (on the Web).  Financial aid awards must be accepted by the census date of the semester in order to cover tuition and fees.  If you receive an award email and have accepted the awards prior to or during registration, grants, loans and scholarships may be used to cover your tuition and fees, up to the amount of your eligibility.  If you receive an award email after registration, you may be reimbursed for classes you are enrolled for, see the Disbursement Schedule for specific dates.

In addition to tuition and fees, accepted awards may allow you to buy (charge) your books/supplies at the DMC Bookstore on campus during a two week period specifically set aside for charging. See Bookstore Charging for specific criteria and charging dates.

Disbursement of balances after tuition/fees and books will take place according to the Disbursement Schedule. Disbursements will be issued to students via the DMC Debit Card.  For detailed information concerning refunds and the DMC Debit Card, go to How Do I Get My Refund.

Loans have very specific requirments before being disbursed.  Should a student not comply with the specific requirements, the loan may be cancelled.  See Direct Student Loan Borrowers Instructions Fall 2013 for detailed guidelines.

First time Direct Loan Borrowers- Loan proceeds for ALL first time borrowers will be delayed 30 days from the beginning of the semester of the loan period. 

Texas Grants and TEOG recipients-Del Mar College cannot request funds from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, for these grants until after September 1st of each academic year. The Disbursement Schedule will be followed as closely as possible based on when funds are actually received from the state.


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